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Does the one who refrains from Zakah become a kafir?

What is apparent from the evidences i.e. Quran and Sunna, it declares takfir on the one who refrains from giving Zakaah. And this saying is the saying of a group of Sahabah and Tabi’een and the scholars who came after them. And this is apparent from the evidences like it is narrated by Imam Muslim […]

Celibrating Mawlid, Birthdays and other Hollidays

Its the Nasârah (Christians) who invented the celebration of birthdays, anniversaries, valentine’s day and other similar holidays. En these holidays are there due to the Nasârah. Something called birthday was never known among the Muslims. If we were to allow that people would celebrate a birthday, we would have allowed it for the people to […]

Revealing the Truth about the Aqeedah of the Mujahideen

Sheikh Sulaymaan al-Alwaan said: And the people of Sunnah don’t do takfīr on every sin and they don’t do takfīr on those who commit major sins as long as they don’t make permissible those sins which are definitely haram. And those who attribute takfīr on the Muslims to the Mujāhidīn fī sabīli llāh or say that […]

What happens to the good deeds of an apostate who returns to Islam

Whosoever becomes apostate, and returns back, what about his good deeds? We say about him that he’s a disbeliever, but if he returns to Islam [becomes Muslim again] his [good] deeds come back to him. This is the most correct opinion amongst the scholars. Because Allah Djalla Wa ‘Alaa says: وَمَن يَرْتَدِدْ مِنكُمْ عَن دِينِهِ […]

Do we declares disbelief upon the one who leaves Jinns al-‘Amal

Do we declares disbelief upon the one who leaves “Jinns Al-Amal” [type of actions] Scholars have agreed that the one who leaves Jinns al-‘Amal completely is a kaafir [disbeliever]. This consensus was narrated by Al-Ajuri in “Ash-Shari’ah” and by al-Imam Ibn Battah, and the consensus was mention by more than one from amongst Ahlul ‘ilm […]

Do we declare disbelief upon the one who leaves Hajj?

Do we declare disbelief upon the one who leaves Hajj? Here is one of the two opinions [sayings] from the scholars. The first one is; the one who leaves Hajj is a disbeliever, And the other is that we declare disbelief upon the one who denies the obligation of Hajj. And these two statements are […]

Different types of Hearts

There are three different types of hearts. And there is no fourth. There are three different types of hearts. And there is no fourth. The first type is the clean heart, the God fearing heart free from jealousy and free from ar-Riyaa [showing off]. It excels in matters between himself and his Lord and he […]

Questions about the diseases of the Murji’ah in Takfeer

Question:   As-Salaam Aleykom Shaykh, May Allah grant you good and a long life. A while ago when you spoke about takfeer, the mistakes that happens [when you apply it], and the outcome of it. And this scenario maybe happening, but because of this a new way [Manhaj] has appeared, that which we call irjaa […]

Believing in all messengers, but following the Shari’ah of ‘Eesa & Musa

[There is a] question, If a person believes in all the messengers, believes in the meaning of; he knows they are sincere. So he says; I believe all the messengers are sincere and I believe in Muhammad salla Allahu alayhi wasalam, however I follow the Shari’ah [Laws, Sunnah, teachings, etc] of ‘Eesa [Jesus] ‘alayhi assalam. […]

Giving Victory to Muslims through Jihad

Introduction translators: Sheikh Sulayman al-Alwan, is from the scholars of this time. From a young age, he demonstrated an impressive ability to memorize and showed a very deep understanding of the writings of the various sciences of the Shari’ah. And from the origins of his exclusive studies, Sheikh Sulayman has spent most of his days […]